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At Topp and Legg, simplicity and modularity is at the core of everything we do. We focus on simplifying and making things easy. From buying a table, to changing it to your new living situation.

Learn about our philosophy

Our Philosophy

There are moments in life that go beyond the ordinary, that add depth and dimension to our existence. Whether it’s art, music or another form of expression, each moment is like a gift. Topp and Legg encourages working with creative people who are devoted to their craft to make life more exceptional. The same is true with our design - while functional and modular design makes everyday life easier, the aesthetic sensibility in the design of our furniture makes our hearts beat faster. It’s this passion for design that Topp and Legg would love to share with you.

Get to know the people behind the brand

Henri Decruy


Henri is the youngest descendant of 3 generations of furniture men and would like to continue writing this life story with great passion for clever, affordable design. With a nose for today's housing and living needs, he bridges the gap between craftsmanship, personalized design and sustainability with Topp and Legg.

Cas Moor


Cas Moor is a Belgian product designer and interior architect who has earned his spurs internationally over the past five years with an inspiring portfolio ranging from lighting design to furniture design. His signature? Honest materials and well-considered craftsmanship that not only serve the design, but also tell a good story.


Topp and Legg builds furniture for change. Each table top is interchangeable with each set of legs. Because people change, life changes and so should our furniture. Are you planning on growing your family? In need of a bigger table top? We’ve got you covered. Maybe you’ve decided to change the color of your walls and want some legs that match it. No problem. Whatever your situation is, we’ll have the right fit for you.


With Topp and Legg you can pick and match your piece of furniture. We offer freedom of choice and adaptability. Choose between a variety of shapes, sizes and heights. Each Topp will fit each Legg, so changing your table is easy as 1,2,3. We wanted our collection to be as flexible as possible so you can get your creative juices flowing and become your own designer for your space.


Our furniture is built for living. They are tools that will last a lifetime and used for so many different purposes. All our tops are made from the best quality materials, supported by solid and sturdy legs. Meaning you will never have to hold back your bigger guests from dancing on your table. No need for worries, live your life and have fun!

Find the Topp and Legg that suits you, for now and for later.

  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Durable

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