Table legs

With our metal Leggs we try to inspire with a variety of colors. This gives you the flexibility to design your own table and match it with your interior.

Our designer was careful in his thinking to make sure the Leggs were super sturdy, easy to combine with the Topps and interchangeable with others.

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Simple Flexible Durable

There’s a Legg for every phase in your life

This solid base is built to come along with your trip in life. Through the tough, but also fun times in school, work, or just at home, it will be there for you. These stylish Leggs will connect easily with any Topp of your choosing. Nope, there’s no hassle. You can also get them exchanged with any other set if you feel like it.

Design and craftsmanship

Topp and Legg likes to opt for collabs with young, local and creative talent. For example, the first collection of dining tables was designed in collaboration with Belgian designer Cas Moor. His signature? Honest materials and well-considered craftsmanship that not only serve the design, but also tell a good story. Which coincidentally, is kind of our thing too! 

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  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Durable

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