Our collection of Topps come in a variety of colors and materials. We wanted to make sure that you had enough choice to make your very own stylish table. It’s really simple to set up and all the parts are interchangeable if you ever wanted to change this up.

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Simple Flexible Durable

There's a Topp for every phase in your life

Our Topps are meant to last you a lifetime. Whether you’re just starting out in college, living together for the first time or expanding your family, we’ve got you covered. That’s why we made sure to only use the best quality materials. Furthermore, each set of Topps and Leggs are interchangeable with one another so it can adapt with your living situation. Let us help you out on your road to lifetime furniture.

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Design and sustainability

With design furniture from Topp and Legg, you complete the circle. Invest in quality to enjoy contemporary design throughout your life. One that matches your style and the moment in your life. Moreover, you will contribute to an environmentally friendly and inclusive society. C'est la vie en rose!

Discover the possibilities

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